Tips for selling your home

tips-for-selling-your-homeProperly preparing your property for potential buyers can make the difference between a quick sale at a good price and a difficult sale with price reductions.
Buyers go by what they see, so look at your property through a buyer’s eyes. Understand its strengths and weaknesses. A clean, orderly house inspires confidence and sells more easily. If needed, invite a few of your friends over, take them through your home and ask them to make comments on the condition of your property.
Understand, too, that many potential buyers take a look at your property from the outside, without even contacting your REALTOR®. It’s your home’s ”curb appeal” that attracts visitors first.
Here is a list of things to consider to ensure that your house makes a “buy me” impression.



A well-maintained yardhouse22

Mow the lawn

Shovel the snow.

Trim the bushes.

Weed the flower beds.

Remove anything cluttering up the yard.

A clean parking spot

Get rid of oil stains.

Move unused vehicles that are in the way.



Clean the house thoroughly

Entry way




Deep clean the carpets

Ensure the home has a pleasant smell


Remove unneeded items

Organize closets and storage areas

Make sure that everything is in working order in the house


Door bell




As needed

  • Make sure that the front door is welcoming. You may even want to repaint it.
  • Repair broken windows and screens.
  • Paint window and door frames and anywhere else paint is flaking.
  • Remove political or other symbols, such as flags.